Welcome to Seregon Cluster

Seregon Cluster is a collection of Minecraft servers linked together under the Tekkitopia flag. We are a friendly mature community eager to meet new friends to play with.

Seregon Machines

Quick links
Connect Use the modpack Seregon and connect to play.seregon.se. For more info see the documentation.
Join the server? Read the rules and understand what type of server this is. Check out this page
Documentation The documentation is a good place to read about server commands.

Latest Tekkitopia News

New warp "shop1", and testing a new plugin.

Hello, I have created a warp called shop1 that takes you to a little platform installed on a lonely mountain in Voss. Teleport there with /warp shop1 and take a look, use the tunnel to go down and you will end up in a open area. This is the dedicated shop area, you are free to pick a spot to build a trading station and commence trading.

I'm also simultaneously testing a new plugin called Grief Prevention, I picked it because it is easy to use, and easy to administer. It is only...

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New version of the item synchronization plugin

I have today finalized version 0.3 of SyncNBT what we uses to synchronize items. I have used a completely different approach in 0.3 compared to 0.2 and I hope that this will solve a lot of problems. For example, loss of items are much more unlikely.

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Nether/End/Bandomeer reset

After the changes discussed here, and here I will wipe/reset Nether and The End in both Rori and Voss this weekend.
I will also use the weekend to test out the Bandomeer reset, so remove all your stuff from Bandomeer.
I will update this post with times later on.

The reason behind this, shorter than...

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Full mod list

The preparations for the server finalization is starting, I have just finished a complete list of all the different mods we have installed with a few of the important ones highlighted in the top. If something is wrong, odd or misspelled tell me and I will correct it :)

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A little update

Hello, crazy times for me with to much to do. I have not had the energy to work on the server for a while now, but it is clearing up and I will most likely be back with full power soon. I will start the vacation in 2 weeks and after a week at some place sunny I plan to finalize several things with the server. For example, fix all these dam bugs with the item transfer :)

I and @Kapten_Knas have worked "under the hood" and preparing the move of another server to the same hardware,...

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Possible reset of dimentions on the 1:st

Two weeks ago we discussed what to consider a mining world in this thread, the decision was made to consider all dimensions of Rori and Voss a "build world" and keep the mining related things to Bandomeer. For a little more clear illustration, I created this page.

I will start to check each dimension in Rori and Voss later this week. If they are to mined...

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