Welcome to Seregon Cluster

Seregon Cluster is a collection of Minecraft servers linked together under the Tekkitopia flag. We are a friendly mature community eager to meet new friends to play with.

Seregon Machines

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Connect Use the modpack Seregon and connect to play.seregon.se. For more info see the documentation.
Join the server? Read the rules and understand what type of server this is. Check out this page
Documentation The documentation is a good place to read about server commands.

Latest Tekkitopia News

Reminder about the resource reset

Just a friendly reminder about the resource reset, Bandomeer and all it's dimensions will be deleated on the 1st. The wipe will be automatic and will trigger the 1st of every month (1st of October, November, December, ...) read more

Hello, a status update!

Hello, time for a status update and to inform you that I'm still alive :) A lot of things have happen like work-related stuff, normal life things and computer related stuff. All these things together have prevented me from some much needed time to work on Seregon. I have kept a eye open for problems and checked the forums from time to time.

I plan to release a new resource world soon, I will connect that to the empty 4:th gate at the lobby. The old world (Bandomeer) will be reset the 1:st,...

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Network issues

As you've inevitably noticed, occasional lagspikes occur - some pretty darn hefty.
This is caused by a couple of core switches on Hetzner's end.

The current known core switches causing the issues are;
Dropping between 30-80% of the packages.

If anyone has more information regarding other switches using alternate routes, please inform.
@nsgb's working on establishing an alternate route to speed it up - it's not a permanent solution and it...

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I have disabled the crafting of IC2 credits so we can use them as currency. Not not to be confused with the GT credits (with a smiley face).
The different types of coins are:
  • Copper Credit: 0.12 Credit
  • Industrial Credit: 1 Credit
  • Silver Credit: 8 Credits
  • Gold Credit: 64 Credits
  • Platinum Credit: 512 Credits
  • Osmium Credit: 4096 Credits.
At the moment there are no ways to gain credits, I will add a few shops to my shop...

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Modpack updated to 1.2.3

Minor changes;
+ InventoryTweaks added.
+ NEI now defaults to recipe mode.
+ Modpack logos changed.

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New warp "shop1", and testing a new plugin.

Hello, I have created a warp called shop1 that takes you to a little platform installed on a lonely mountain in Voss. Teleport there with /warp shop1 and take a look, use the tunnel to go down and you will end up in a open area. This is the dedicated shop area, you are free to pick a spot to build a trading station and commence trading.

I'm also simultaneously testing a new plugin called Grief Prevention, I picked it because it is easy to use, and easy to administer. It is only...

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